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SSC's Autonomous Systems Laboratory (ASL) is developing the expertise, tools and processes to create robust, affordable autonomous systems.

ASL created NPAS, the NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems, a software toolkit, to simplify and streamline the design, development and testing of autonomous systems. NPAS enables rapid implementation of intelligent autonomy for a broad range of systems and system applications.

Tech Development

Currently, the ASL is working on

  • INSIGHT - Convert SSC's high pressure gas facility into an intelligent autonomous system
  • iPAS - Building, testing, demonstrating and integrating capabilities for autonomous operations on and around the Moon
  • G2 for Spaceflight Computing Processors - Compiling commercial software platform, G2, used to create NPAS, to enable NPAS to operate on current spaceflight qualified microprocessors




D2K Technologies The University of Mississippi Johnson Space Flight Center
Ignite Technologies Glenn Research Center
General Atomics
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