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Ignite Technologies & Autonomous Systems Lab
Through a public-private partnership enabled by SSC's Cooperative Agreement Notice for Dual-Use Technology Development, SSC and Ignite, the creator of G2, are collaborating to port G2 to run on the RAD750 PowerPC architecture under VxWorks.

Ignite is modifying the configuration of G2 to meet the needs of embedded systems, reducing the memory footprint, and compiling a version specifically for the PowerPC architecture.

The ASL at SSC will test the functionality of this new version of G2 and evaluate the performance of NPAS/G2 on the RAD750 PowerPC.
Spaceflight Processors
The computers used for critical functions on spacecraft are ancient in comparison to the latest generation processors, but are proven designs that work well when exposed to the radiation and temperatures of space.

The venerable RAD750 PowerPC microprocessor, such as the Aitech SP0-S (top), is the most common radiation-hardened computer used on US spacecraft. A new spaceflight microprocessor based on the ARM A53 is in development. (Bottom) is a COTS XPedite ARM A53. This ruggedized board can be used for a wide variety of ground applications that demand low-power consumption coupled with high-performance processing.

To meet current as well increasing spaceflight power and processing demands, SSC's NPAS must be ported to run on those systems in order to provide autonomous systems for space missions. The ASL at SSC will test the functionality and evaluate the performance of NPAS/G2 on the PowerPC as well as ARM.
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