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NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems
A powerful software toolkit created by SSC's Autonomous Systems Lab.

NPAS is a sophisticated platform for autonomous systems that understands the behavior of complex systems, can detect and identify anomalies, and can apply sound strategies based on the current state of the system to mitigate issues and optimize performance.
NPAS Toolkit

The NPAS toolkit enables the rapid creation of robust autonomous systems for applications such as

  • Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM) including prognosis and diagnosis
  • Monitoring and control of equipment like computing, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical
  • Monitoring and control of sensors
  • Monitoring and control of entire systems, like electrical and flow systems
  • Failure mode effects analysis

ASL demonstrated NPAS' distributed, hierarchical autonomous systems capabilities at the integrated, power, avionics and software (iPAS) lab at JSC

NPAS Features
  • Distributed, hierarchical autonomous systems
  • Safety-certified autonomous systems (in development)
  • Anomaly detection and identification
  • User-friendly user interfaces
  • Knowledge models
  • Autonomy strategies
  • Mission plan creation, scheduling & execution
  • Custom communication bridges

An intuitive GUI created using NPAS provides real time information to users

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