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Licensing SSC's Patents & Software

SSC's patented and patent pending technologies are available for licensing. A valid license must be held before a company can use, make, sell, practice, or operate these inventions in the country where the patent is (or will be) issued. Select SSC software packages are available for free to qualified users.

Evaluation licenses enable organizations to explore NASA technologies. Applications are streamlined and quickly processed. Evaluation licenses are nonexclusive, noncommercial, short term, and low cost.

Commercial licenses can be negotiated to enable companies to use, make, sell, practice, or operate products containing SSC patented, or patent-pending, technologies. Licenses may be exclusive, nonexclusive, or partially exclusive within a particular field of use or geographic area.

QuickLaunch provides commercial licenses on select, patented technologies where the fee and terms are preset and published with the posted technology.

Startup NASA provides nonexclusive licenses on select technologies to companies formed to commercialize NASA technology. Additional details can be found by clicking the icon below.

Software usage agreements allow qualified users to employ select tools and applications.

Licensing Link NASA Startup Link
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